My Life as a Nympho

The Backstory

At the age of 33, the relationship that I have had for the majority of my adult life, has failed. It wouldn’t be so tragic if it weren’t for the fact that we just had a child. With 17 months of breast feeding over and an increasingly independent toddler, I did what all woman my age would do when faced with a situation like this: I became a Nympho.

Wait…I guess not all woman do that… but remember I am not every woman. I have always been deeply in touch with the dark side of sexuality. I also won’t be a hardcore nympho, or really even a nympho per se. After being in a 13 year relationship with the same man, I had lost that connection to what excited me…in fact I probably don’t even know what really COULD excite me. Although my sex life was far from horrible, I was still acutely aware that there was much more to sex, and that I wanted to experience much of what it had to offer.

As a stay-at home Mom, who is extremely involved in her son’s play, education and development,  this would be a daunting task. His father has essentially become a blip on the radar screen of parenting and was not helping me financially at all. I was depending on school  loans, the last of some investment money I made as a kid and help from my Mother. In addition to being a full-time cooking, cleaning and entertaining Momma, I also am trying to obtain my Bachelor’s degree simultaneously. I decided to go back to school months before I became pregnant with my son. Instead of using him as an excuse to quit school, he had only become the very reason I would stay it to the end. Free time is a luxury I can’t afford; rare, and precious.

So, I have made the choice to dedicate every other Saturday night to my quest for sexual autonomy. I would keep my home and family life completely separate and use the nights he visited his Grandma as a night to find what I was looking for beyond the day to day. If the lines between fantasy and reality became blurred at any point or on any level, my life as a part time quasi-nympho will cease.

Well, there you have it. The full back-story. I  am asking for any reader who has stumble upon this blog to read with an open mind . In reality,  I am just like you. I have just gotten the guts necessary to demand the right to my own sexual expression. Join me as I take this journey.